Thanks Guys

I have worked with Steve through his site Jades Lava Lounge. I have done radio interviews with him, and through his site I was contacted by a well known composer to sing a song he has written, upon Steve's recommendation. 
I have always found Steve to be very Professional, honest, hard working and diligent and simply a good bloke. 
Anyone would be privileged to work with him. 
Kaz Field Anderson 
Lead Singer/Novakayn


I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for what you guys are doing for the unsigned artiest.
In this business it is a hard road and sometimes Faith along is not enough.
We need help from other people who really care and Jades Lava Lounge is doing as much as they can for all of us Unsigned Artiest who are lost as to how to get discovered.
Thank you so much for caring You guys are Amazing !!!!!!

Kristy Lynn   Albemarle NC USA

“Steve has a great ear and eye for talented independent artists worldwide of multiple genres. His station Jades Lava Lounge has helped myself and many other artist to gain fans and listeners. In addition, lava Lounge has helped listeners find a lot of great music that the "mainstream" has yet to acknowlege. Working with Steve can make all the difference!” 
William Roch IV, Musician, composer and producer, Self-Employed

“Steve's hard work and dedication to independent music are inspiring. His passion and work ethic are also to be admired. He is always true to his word and communicates quickly and effectively. I have enjoyed all of my experiences with him and I look forward to many more.” 
 Allison Gray, Owner, Allison Gray Music

“Steve is insightful and dedicated to the Australian Music Industry.
He is a Team Player and strong contributor.
Steve would make a perfect addition to any Industry Think Tank or as a Consulting Advisor. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough.
Tom McLeod
(Australian Music and Entertainment Scene.)” 
Tom McLeod, Creator / Publisher / Editor / Promoter, Australian Music and Entertainment Scene

“"Steve has provided a voice for the unsigned musician.he's given bands like us and countless more a chance to be heard through jades lava lounge,an online network where musicians get to showcase there music for free.from the unsigned artists point of view,the world could do with a few more Steve Porters out there..."” 
 Rob Chapple, Musician, Tranzphat inc
worked with Steve at Jades Lava Lounge

“Steve is ingaging and motivated. Loves what he does and shares that passion with the music industry.” 
 Pete Murr, Manager / Producer, Riffhangar Records
worked with Steve at Jades Lava Lounge

“Steve is passionate and determined in his work, he know the music industry and works hard to help musicians and industry professionals to make the important connections that matter.
A true professional that is a pleasure to work with.” 
 Dave Tyler, Marketing Manager, Audio Rokit