Q. Why cant I see my video on the play list?
A. Well it is there, When you click on watch now and go to the live stream site , you will see 24/7 non stop music
just like your watching a Video Hits show. Your video will play in line.

Q. Does it cost me anything to send you my Details?
A. To have your act on our featured artist page is free. To subscribe will be $100 for the first 12 months then $50 per year. For this you will receive,
 1 - Exposure on the website with your act featured with a link to your nominated website.
 2 - your music and your credits being played on the jades Lava Lounge Website. 
 3 - A 24/7 video channel to showcase your act with other Unsigned artists around the world. 
 4 - Jades Lava Lounge Radio. An online radio station playing your material from Australia with a listening audience around the world.
 5 - Placed on a roster which is submitted to Radio and Record Labels
 (You must subscribe to receive these benefits).  

Q. Can I Change my video at any time?
A. Of cause, we are always looking for fresh music on the Lounge.

Q. Will you have any rights over my music?
A. To put it simple, absolutely not, you are under no contract or illusions to be rich and famous, being a musician myself I know how hard it is to be heard so in no way shape or form am I out to scam from the artist. Just provide an outlet for you to be seen and heard. At any time you may request to have your video removed, just send an email.

Q. I am a Business /Venue, can I advertise on the Lava Lounge?
A. Yes we can provide a package to suit you. We stream 24/7 so it is a good place to show your products and services and for venues to promote upcoming events. Go to the Contact page.

Q. How can I help to keep the Lava Lounge helping unsigned artist.
A. Always keep us up to date with your gig details and any news from your act. We have a donation box on the guest book page, you can donate and  all money will be put back to improve the Lava Lounge. Feel free to use our logos and link to promote us, more viewers is better for everybody. And giving us a shout out at your gigs and advertising also helps us help you.

*We are a supporter of APRA in Australia, so please check their website as to any obligations if any you have performing cover songs.
Jades Lava Lounge, We are the voice of the unsigned Artist.