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Kristy James

In My Opinion, 

I have been very fortunate to have a copy of "Nobody's Gonna Make Me"
the first album By Kristy James. And I must say This album kicks ass.
Even if your not a country fan Kristy's tough country rock and awesome
Ballads make this one album for you to hear.
From the moment you hear the first song you will be amazed at the brilliant song writing
Accompanied by powerful vocals and music will leave you wanting more,
and more is what you will get as Kristy has two amazing video clips from the album
"Overdrive" and title song "Nobody's Gonna Make Me"
both available to view at

Kristy's song writing don't stop with country rock oh no,
her ballads on the CD will hit you right in the heart,
they are very well written and tell an amazing story.
Kristy James will be the next shining star in Australian country music hot on the heels
of previous Lava Lounge lady Chelsea Basham with another number one hit on CMC.
Please head to Kristy's website and grab your copy of this album.
And keep your eye out for more from Kristy James as I know you will hear more from her.

"In My Opinion".  

By Steve Porter

Kill For Eden

Fire & Ice Magazine

The band Kill For Eden is made up of Lyla D’Souza, Dave Garfield, Mike McGuinness, Andrea Basiola, and Max Loubser. After considering where they’ve all come from, it’s safe to say geography can’t stop great music. Lead singer D’Souza is from Sydney, Australia. Garfield, a guitarist, and McGuinness, the bassist, both hail from London. Basiola, the second guitarist, comes from Cremona, Italy, and finally Loubser, the band’s drummer, is from Manchester.

Described as “pop music in a hard rock jacket,” Dave Garfield explains their sound as “hard rock but not heavy metal and most of the songs feature a hook line and strong melodies.” After listening to their song “Kerosene” on YouTube we can promise you’ll find something great in their sound. D’Souza has a great voice.

Garfield said, “I met Lyla through an ad on the net and after some drinking and musical discourse at the pub we decided to start a band. We then met Mike who was working in a BDSM boutique and Andrea who was on a scholarship at West London music school. Max joined last from an internet ad… We are all obsessed with music and there really is no other choice for us… Our earliest experiences with music vary but I’ve played guitar since I was 9 and grew up in a musical house. My father was a Jazz musician and my mother was a singer and dancer. Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson and the like were always on the record player or on the radio.”

This eclectic group sites their varying influences to be The Cult, Garbage, Blondie, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, The Police and many others.

When asked about the funniest story he could think of, Garfield said, “I suppose the funniest story involves the band van getting stuck in some mud at a festival and we were dressed in stage clothes trying to push it free. We looked a proper sight and there were plenty of giggles aimed in our direction. We saw the funny side later on.”

Garfield went on to say, “We are currently having our debut album mastered. It took almost a year to record and mix and now its being mastered in Germany.” He has hopes that they will release it themselves around March 2013 on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

The members of Kill For Eden are already planning and booking their gigs and festivals for 2013, so look for them next year out on the road! They play hard rock music you can enjoy without having to worry about pigeonholes or labels, Garfield says.

“We hope people like the music and get a positive vibration from it. Secondly we hope they tell everyone they know about us!”

Check out their homepage:

In My Opinion

-By Steve Porter

The Val (Madrid) Spain

The Val is a European band formed in the 90´s when a band called Ying-Yang, consisting of the singer Gabrielle de Val, the pianist David Erick, the drummer José A. Pereira, a female bass player called Ángeles Balué and Iñaki de Miguel (guitar and drums), were joined by guitarist Alfonso Samos and his brother Angel Luis .This wider band became fairly popular, winning several music competitions and having lots of radio, TV and magazine interviews. Their Spanish Rock had a very personal and attractive sound, and they performed and recorded successfully during some time. But, despite of their incipient success and their friendship, they finally split up, so that The Val disappeared and its members went their separate ways.

But in January 2010 the band got together again. Gabrielle, Alfonso and David got in touch with each other and from the very beginning they all knew that they wanted to go on with the project they had begun years before. A bunch of songs sprung up very quickly and spontaneously, so they were able to begin recording their album, “Back”, immediately. The album is being produced by Samos. Gabrielle, who´s German, has written all the lyrics in English, because that´s the language in which the songs were conceived. The result is a powerful and inspiring recording, a synthesis of the beauty of the songs and the band´s masterly musical renditions.
Their new album Back has also been released in Vinyl and is available on their web site I hope to have an interview with this great unsigned band in early 2013.
Steve Porter
Jades Lava Lounge